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Pamper Party Birmingham

Tropic is a natural, organic skincare & makeup range that I recommend. You can host a pamper evening and receive a mini facial and money to spend on Tropic products to get your skin & hair in perfect condition before the big day.

Your guests will be treated to a hand treatment and skin and makeup advice.

I love the 'Pure. Honest. Effective' philosophy, the flexibility, the fun and being a part of this amazing community. Tropic Skin Care is a new, fresh & innovative company inspired by and created for incredible like-minded people.

At Tropic, we believe that your skin is your greatest asset. As your largest organ, it deserves that extra TLC from outside as well as in. You should be able to trust what you put on your skin and for that reason, we are committed to using only premium, responsibly sourced natural ingredients.

Please let me know if you are interested www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/amybates

tropic skincare Birmingham
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